About Us

National Health Foundation 

Koteshwor-32, Kathmandu

E-mail:nationalhealthf@gmail.com, Ph.No.01-4600430


    -     To develop & produce competent technical graduates those are ever demanding in health sector               globally.

    -     To conduct short-term & long-term training program.

        - To train & produce manpower that will fulfill the need of the country in different sector.

        - To conduct vocational & professional training which helps self employement 

        - To prepare highly skilled professionals, demonstrating, positive attitude, and respect of socio-                    cultural values in their working situations.

            - To develop network & alliance for research & innovative programs in different health sectors.


The vision of NHF will be to develop & produce technical graduates that are demanding in health sector globally.


NHF will envisage a crucial role in improving the general health of people through the production of qualified & competent human resources in health sector. The institute will train & produce medium & high level health professional with sound knowledge & perfect skill on fundamental issues, and full exposure to practical experiences. It is committed to provide a student’s a wide range of resources on subject matters, and overall facilities required to impart quality education. The institute reaffirms its commitment to abide by the rules & regulations formulated by CTEVT, related council & university.


The institute will plan to conduct technical Diploma, Bachelor and Master Level program like; D-Pharmacy, B-Pharmacy, M-Pharmacy Radiography, Community Medicine Assistant, Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery & Certificate Program (PCL) like; PCL General Medicine, Lab Technician, Radiography affiliated by CTEVT & other authorized body. 

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